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Kardio-Xercise™ Partners With The Hope Heart Institute To Promote Health This Holiday Season

ROCKFORD, Ill. – November 12, 2014 – Kardio-Xercise™, a premier lifestyle fitness brand, has partnered with The Hope Heart Institute, to promote the importance of a consistent fitness regimen and healthy eating habits in the quest to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Through the sales of its exclusive KX Fitness Calendar and “Eat Right. Be Healthy.” Meal Calendar, Kardio-Xercise has committed 10% of the proceeds of each calendar sale to The Hope Heart Institute. With a focus on risk-reduction and prevention through nutrition, exercise and wellness education, the mission of The Hope Heart Institute is to provide research, education and hope to individuals who have been impacted or are at risk for heart disease and stroke.


“At the core of Kardio-Xercise’s mission to create a fitness movement is our commitment to giving back to organizations that are making a difference in people’s lives through fitness and health education,” said Oscar G. Castillo, CEO and Founder of KX Evolution, Inc., creator of the fitness brand Kardio-Xercise. “We are thrilled to partner with The Hope Heart Institute this holiday season to bring motivational gifts to individuals committed to maintaining or improving their health, while donating a portion of the proceeds from our calendar sales to support education, advocacy and support in the fight against heart disease.”


As the season of giving fast approaches, people everywhere will begin searching for meaningful gifts to give their loved ones. For family members or friends who are looking for a convenient way to track their health and fitness goals, the 2015 KX Fitness Calendar and 2015 “Eat Right. Be Healthy.” Meal Calendar make a perfect holiday gift. Check out Kardio-Xercise’s website at to watch a short video featuring highlights from the calendars.


The 2015 KX Fitness Calendar is designed for individuals who are looking for a convenient way to hold themselves accountable to their fitness goals. This unique and comprehensive tool allows individuals to record their daily exercise routines, track their progress and results and monitor their goals – all in a single, simple-to-use location. The KX Fitness Calendar includes dynamic photos of Rachael Lust, gymnast and 2014 Female Hooper of the Year, outfitted in fitness apparel and accessories from Kardio-Xercise’s 2015 collection.


The 2015 “Eat Right. Be Healthy.” Meal Calendar is a unique supplement to Kardio-Xercise’s online meal planner, which aims to provide information for making healthy decisions and eating right. The calendar features healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even desserts! The creative design of the “Eat Right. Be Healthy.” Meal Calendar allows for all 48 recipes to be cut out so they can be saved in a 3”X 5” recipe box for future use.


Preorder the KX Fitness Calendar and “Eat Right. Be Healthy.” Calendar via Kardio-Xercise’s website at With delivery scheduled for early December, it’s not too late to place your order. Limited quantities are available and calendars are expected to sell out, so take advantage of the special pricing for the combo-pack of calendars while it lasts:

  • Combo-pack of calendars – KX Fitness Calendar and “Eat Right. Be Healthy.” Meal Calendar: $25 (plus $3 for shipping/handling)
  • KX Fitness Calendar: $15 (plus $2.50 for shipping/handling)
  • “Eat Right. Be Healthy.” Meal Calendar: $15 (plus $2.50 for shipping/handling)


For more information about The Hope Heart Institute, please visit


Rockford, IL – July 07, 2012


KX Evolution Launches A Fitness Movement


KX Evolution is committed to bringing good nutrition and fitness awareness to the community.

Most people already know things like that exercise increases energy levels and increases serotonin in the brain, which leads to improved mental clarity. In fact, there are so many reasons why exercise is good for us. If these were the only two benefits, it would make sense enough to regularly exercise. Wouldn’t it?

In fact, a balanced and nutritious diet and good exercise habits are the keys to a healthy life. The challenge is that a healthy diet and exercise are often a matter of deep personal commitment.

Recognizing this, local area residents and businessmen Oscar G. Castillo and Eduardo Camargo formed KX Evolution, Inc. a company that will offer and market youth and adult fitness and nutrition programs and events. By teaming-up with experts on nutrition and fitness, KX Evolution will promote events to generate community awareness in a new fun and exciting manner.

Castillo, an insurance professional, offers years of experience in retail and sales management to financial and international services. Camargo, a music and video DJ, has years of food and restaurant management background.

“KX Evolution, Inc. is all about helping improve the condition of being physically fit and healthy – in other words, improving fitness,” founder Oscar Castillo adds. “We are not reinventing the ‘fitness-wheel’. We are though bringing fitness awareness to the community in a unique and interesting new way.”

The ‘A Fitness Movement’ event coming up July 14th from 10 AM – 4 PM and hosted at Delarosa’s Submission Wrestling Academy, 3261 Forest View Road Rockford, IL 61109, is designed to promote awareness in our community. There they will also introduce a fitness product developed by KX Evolution, Inc. The product, KARDIO-XERCISE™, offers a tagline, ‘It’s a lifestyle, It’s pure passion’, and is one of the primary methods their company will use to help fulfill its goals.

The KARDIO-XERCISE™ branding will also appear on apparel and sports accessories. Proceeds derived from online sales will go back to communities through contribution to a network of non-profit organizations related to improving fitness and overall health.

Working together with, Aurelio Delarosa, owner of Delarosa’s Submission Wrestling Academy and Nia Phommavong who owns and operates Let’s Get Fit Club. Castillo and Carmargo have put together a complete agenda for the day with something of interest for all ages. Delarosa, who is also hosting the event, is also an Investigator and trainer and 23 year veteran of the Rockford Police Department. Nia is an Independent Diamond Beach Body Coach and P90X Certified as well as being a certified Fitness and Nutrition Coach.

Castillo and Camargo also believe in giving back to the community. Their ‘A Fitness Movement’ events will partner with local area business and help raise resources for local non-for-profit organizations. On Saturday July 14th several local businesses and organizations will be present. There is no charge for admission. A number of prizes donated by local businesses and restaurants will be raffled with all of the proceeds given to support the causes of the Rockford Chaplin Division and Fearless Warriors (Fight for Haiti).

“KX Evolution, Inc. is committed to working with the community to bring awareness to help educate our youth and adults.  “By establishing relationships with non-profit organizations, proceeds of KARDIO-XERCISE™ sales will go to help good causes dealing with fitness and our youth,” Castillo states. “We are establishing relationships with national organizations as well to be able to help on a greater scale with our brand KARDIO-XERCISE™. By contributing a percentage of online sales to national organizations, we will always be promoting fitness awareness to even more youth and adults.”